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Further, Dwyer-Lindgren et al. fitted three sub-models to the HIV survey data using generalized additive models, boosted regression trees and lasso regression. They implemented geostatistical modeling framework which allowed them to model HIV prevalence using a spatially and temporally explicit generalized linear mixed effects model. Unlike in our model, their logit-transformed HIV prevalence was modeled as a linear combination of a regional intercept, covariate effects, country random effects, spatially and temporally correlated random effects. In our modeling framework, temporality seasonal effect was not included even though the effect of the spatial term was done. Note also that the frequentist approach was the main inference strategy for our study, while Dwyer-Lindgren et al. used Bayesian framework with a deterministic approach. Their model used the stochastic partial differential equation approach to approximate the continuous spatial and spatiotemporal Gaussian random fields. We note that this was appropriate given the complexity of their dataset which would have suffered from serious computation cost if the frequentist or the sampling-based approach was implemented.

Download Her Three Bears Part Two Fai Livingstone epub


Positive attitudes towards bears appear prevalent in the communities surrounding the new sanctuary. Villagers are familiar with laws regarding wildlife conservation but lack a deeper understanding of the status and plight of wild bears in the country, particularly how bear farming is a threat to the species. Conservation efforts must entail culturally relevant co-educational initiatives to garner further support from local communities.

The hunting of moon and sun bears as well as the possession of their parts is prohibited in Lao PDR by the Wildlife and Aquatic Law (2007), although Article 40 of the same legislation allows endangered species, including bears born in captivity as second-generation animals, to be traded with permission. At the 17th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to CITES (CoP17) in 2016, the government of Lao PDR committed to shutting down tiger and bear bile farms in the country in part due to increasing criticism of widespread illegal farm practices [22]. Free the Bears Fund Inc. (FTB), an international conservationist group, seeks to help eradicate all bear bile farming in Lao PDR by 2020 and has stepped up efforts to establish sanctuaries to house bears rescued from farms [23].

A recent study exploring the potential disparities between public perceptions by local Lao people and Chinese visitors pertaining to the use of bear parts showed that foreign Chinese respondents tended to have higher awareness of cruelty inflicted on captive bears, while local Lao respondents tended to lack sufficient knowledge about the actual situation of bears in Lao PDR, including their declining numbers in the wild [12]. The study also suggested that conservation campaigns in Lao PDR should be aimed at improving the knowledge of locals about the plight of bears in the country.

Even though most participants (55.3%) indicated they did not know whether there were more or fewer bears than in the past in Lao PDR, 30.9% believed that the bear population was increasing, while 13.7% believed it was decreasing (Table 1). There was also a high percentage of respondents (84.7%) who knew that hunting bears in Lao PDR was illegal, and 8.4% who believed this activity was legal, with the remaining 6.9% unsure. Although many respondents (46.2%) did not believe that bear bile could be extracted without killing bears, 29.4% recognized that this method was possible. A large number of respondents (71.8%) believed that most farm bears were born in captivity, whereas only 4.2% did not believe so. Most participants (63.4%) believed that consuming bear bile in Lao PDR was illegal, whereas 9.5% responded that it was legal.

With a new government in place that expressed support for SIFs, and given the emergence of the opioid overdose epidemic, a number of municipalities began developing plans to establish SIFs, and several initiated SIF feasibility research. Montreal quickly moved forward with plans to open three SIFs, and in February 2017 obtained approval from the federal government to do so [48]. Polls indicated that public support for SIFs in Montreal was high, and all levels of government were supportive [49]. Plans to open a mobile SIF have also been discussed in Montreal [49]. As well, the City of Vancouver has sought federal approval for several additional SIFs, including a women- only SIF, which is expected to open in 2017 [50]. Other cities with advanced plans to open SIFs included Victoria (one site) [51], Toronto (three sites) [52], Ottawa (one site) [53], Surrey (two sites) [54], and Edmonton (four sites, including a hospital-based site) [55]. However, support for SIFs has varied considerably in these settings. In Ottawa, the mayor and police officials have expressed strong opposition to SIFs, making a number of statements inconsistent with the available evidence, including the suggestion that SIFs increase crime [56, 57]. In Victoria, citizen groups have opposed syringe exchange and other harm reduction programs, and have expressed opposition to SIFs [58]. In Kelowna and Kamloops, public opposition to SIFs, in particular by local business associations [59], appears to have prompted the local health authority to opt for a mobile rather than fixed SIF in each of these municipalities, as gaining acceptance for any specific permanent location for fixed SIFs proved too difficult [60].

Functionally, anatomically, and cytoarchitecturally, hippocampus is quite different from cerebral cortex. For example: Hippocampus is a part of archicortex while cerebral cortex is a part of neocortex. Cortex is outermost structure while hippocampus is a small extension of brain; 5 centimeters in length lying in floor of lateral ventricle. Outer structure of cerebral cortex is highly folded by gyri and sulci while upper surface of hippocampus is convex (which include dentate gyrus, subiculum, and entorhinal cortex). Anterior surface is expanded to form a paw-like structure called pes hippocampi. Importantly, hippocampus is a three-layered structure made up of single pyramidal layer with plexiform layer on both sides. 041b061a72


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