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Photographer Neil Francis Dawson takes us back in time in this Schön! online exclusive editorial, with silhouettes reminiscent of the 1960s. Stylist Lisa Nguyen reconfigures the iconic looks of the decade with bold pieces by DKNY and Ralph Lauren, accessorised with statement bondage pieces by Zana Bayne. Model Andressa Fontana channels the very essence of the 1960s, with the iconic bob hair cut and strong makeup. Revisiting the 1960s has never been as glamorous as in this Schön! online editorial.

mua mua dolls buy online

But it isn't just fashionable figures on offer, Jay Z, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have also been crafted out of yarn and with Lady Gaga's peroxide hair and Jay Z's trademark flat cap, the dolls bear an uncanny resemblance to their pop star counterparts.

Looking for the perfect gift for your little one? The L.O.L Surprise dolls are just the right pick! At Target, find a wide range of lol dolls to choose from. Look through a collection of dolls and dollhouses thats ideal for dress up and pretend play. Perfect for playtime, these fashion dolls come with a whole lot of surprises. Pick from Honeylicious or Candylicious fashion dolls with stunning features, styled hair and tons of poses! Get ready to glow with the lights glitter doll. This sparkly doll comes with black light surprises. Bathe or feed your doll for a water surprise and color change. Your little girls are sure to be entertained for hours with the Roller chick fashion doll, Winter disco snowlicious fashion doll, Kitty k fashion doll and more. These LOL Surprise dolls come with a variety of accessories as well as cute little pets. Playtime has never been this exciting! Browse through a large collection of LOL Surprise Dolls and find the right pick for your kids.

Prior to the online launch, we hosted a fabulous event at celeb hot spot & totally insta-obsessed location - Menagerie, Manchester. The event was fantastic & was a complete success! We invited an exclusive list of celebs, MUA's & fabulous DOLL supporters to share the day with us.

AceShowbiz -James Charles and Asian Doll (Asian Da Brat) got into a bizarre online argument on Twitter over the price that people should pay to makeup artist. While the "Pull Up" raptress thought that paying over $150 for makeup was too much, the beauty influencer believed that was only right.

We have set up 7 overseas warehouses all over the world to provide fast and instant shipping, which means we have stocked dolls in our warehouse. Furthermore, every doll was inspected and pass the QC standards before we shipping them. To pick up your doll in a local warehouse is the best method to avoid being scammed.

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