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Kakkou No Iinazuke Episode 2 REPACK

A Couple of Cuckoos is the new Dress-Up Darling of this season and fans wonders at what time they'll get to watch Episode 2 of the switched at birth comedy anime, here's the exact release time for the episode's simulcast.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Episode 2

In the previous episode, we saw our protagonists Nagi and Erika meet for the first time. Now that the plot has been set, Erika will be visiting Nagi's home to try and get better acquainted with her biological parents and little sister Sachi. Nagi and Erika will also be attending the same school, and we will be properly introduced to Hiro Segawa, another main character and Nagi's crush.

This episode is replete with cute Hiro faces and poses, as she is in particularly playful mood, no doubt out of the aforementioned gratitude and contentment that comes with being all alone with the boy she likes. After the two bathe (in separate baths) and change into warm robes, they play the word chain. 041b061a72


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