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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

Sniper 4D: The Best Free-to-Play 3D Gun Game with a Variety of Weapons and Locations

Make sure your shots connect though because the fire rate is extremely slow. As well, the reload speed is less than desirable. The overpowering sniper has a better alternate firing option than the Marshal. The fire rate does not drop while zoomed in. A dual zoom feature is also available. It can toggle between 2.5x and 5x allowing players to effortlessly line up kills.

sniper 4d

However, in v0.63 Vindicator update, Sniper has received their own exclusive perk; Sniper Ricochet. This perk allows sniper to hit multiple targets within one attack, making Sniper able to deal with both high health enemies and low health enemies.

PLAY AS TWO ACTIONS ON ANY PERSONALITY THAT CAN PARTICIPATE IN COMBAT. The personality is the target of a sniper attack. The personality's player must spend 4D before his or her draw step every turn, or the personality is killed. If so, you earn the points. More than one Snipers! may be in play on the same personality.


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