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Bring Back The Bush: Where Did All The Pubic Ha...

A recent study published in the journal JAMA Dermatology found that not only is pubic hair "grooming" widespread, but that women are motivated to do it because they believe it's more hygienic. "I don't know where this idea came from," Tami Rowen, M.D., an ob/gyn at UCSF Medical Center specializing in sexual health concerns and lead author of the study, tells SELF. But it's not true.

Bring Back the Bush: Where Did All the Pubic Ha...

The best way to avoid itchy pubic hair is to maintain smooth skin and soften the hair, especially when the hair is growing back. Soft skin and hair prevents razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and dryness (each common causes of itchy pubic hair). There are 2 simple steps that you can introduce into your skincare routine to ensure that you prevent itch when pubic hair is growing back. The first step is to exfoliate and the second step is to hydrate your pubic region.

As previously mentioned, the pubic hair is typically thicker than the body hair around the rest of the body. Upon hair removal, the thick, wiry and curly characteristics of pubic hair can irritate as it begins to grow back. The skin will respond by itching. To avoid this uncomfortable itch, you can use a soothing treatment oil to soften the skin and hair.

It is quite common for pubic hair to grow back with a vengeance after waxing. By vengeance I of course mean an uncomfortable itch. The best way to stop itchy pubic hair is to create a prep and aftercare routine for waxing.

After your wax we recommend sticking to a daily routine of moisturizing with Bushbalm pubic oils. These oils will soften the skin and hair, so you get less pubic itch when the hairs start to grow back.

At a young age we are not taught proper techniques for shaving our pubic hair, which leads to common mistakes. Most of these mistakes are very avoidable. Below are a few options, which will lead to a better shave, less irritation and less itch as the hair grows back.

Many of the performers I spoke to told me they had been shaving or waxing for years before getting into the industry due to a general sense, gleaned through cultural osmosis, that their pubic hair was weird, gross, or unnatural. Those who've been in the industry longer also noted that many booking when they started out explicitly called for a clean crotch shave. So in all likelihood, it was some mixture of practicality and a chicken-and-egg feedback loop between porn and general cultural tastes that killed hair in the adult industry and kept it down.

Pubic lice can also live on the eyelashes or eyebrows. This is because the thickness of these hairs is similar to pubic hair meaning that the lice can successfully grip on. Treatment of lice in the eye area is usually different to elsewhere as certain insecticidal creams or lotions are not safe for use near the eye area. Lice here can be removed with tweezers or Vaseline can be used to suffocate the lice prior to removal.

So let's make a case for bringing back the bush. Hair is on our most sensitive parts for a reason - it protects us. Not only from the (inevitable and pleasurable) friction of sex but from bacteria. Family physician Emily Gibson has seen pustules, Group A Streptococcus and cellulitiscrop up from shaving, the latter an infection you can pass on to your partner. Being bald looks a lot less attractive now.

Bushy, bald, long, short, curly or straight - we love pubes in all their glorious variety and however you wear yours, we respect you. And unlike generations past, where pubic hair was dictated by a societal norm (the big bushes of the swinging Sixties, and the bold bald vaginas of the Nineties for starters), we are enjoying total freedom to keep our pubes in whatever way we please, especially now that we are in lockdown and, quite frankly, haven't seen a razor in aprox nine months (anyone else with us?).

The French pubic hairstyle is suitable for those who want to remove a lot of hair, but do not want to commit to the Brazilian or the Hollywood wax. This style of waxing removes nearly all the hair, leaving a thin line of hair on the back, underneath, and front area. The strip in the front is then trimmed into a rectangular shape.

Like the Hollywood pubic hairstyle, this wax removes nearly all the hair from the pubic area. The regions underneath and in the back are hairless, but the signature difference is the remaining small strip of hair in the front.

There are other factors that can influence hair growth rates such as hormones, and medication. Lower amounts of androgens in men can result in hair loss, and baldness. The hair on your head follows a much more spread out process, taking up to 7 years for hair to fall out. This creates the illusion that your pubic hair is growing back quite faster than the rest of your hair because you're noticing the shorter hair coming back. Do you have a pubic style you are going for? Refer, or refer a friend to this chart to determine how long you need to wait to style downstairs:

Fast forward and fashions change. The bush is back, and it looks like it is here to stay. It's not just about appearance, either: there is a point to pubic hair \\u2013 it protects against bacteria and traps pheromones.

A full Brazilian wax is when all of the hair is removed, front to back, from your intimate area. While bikini waxes remove the hair around the sides and tops of where your bottom bikini would lie, a full Brazilian wax takes off all the hair from there, your labia, and your pubic bone - basically everything up, down, and around!

One change puberty brings is increased body hair. Some teens and young adults choose to depilate, or remove body hair. For females, the most common areas to depilate are underarms, legs, pubic area, eyebrows and face. For males, the most common areas are the face, abdomen, back, chest, groin and legs. Shaving is the most common way to depilate the underarms, legs and pubic area.

If you trim your pubic hair regularly you will notice that as soon as you take off the bush, it starts to bloom immediately. Does that mean that the hair down there is on some steroid that it grows back that fast? According to dermatologist Dr. Anikhet Mishra, that could just be an optical illusion.

  • If you trim or shave your pubic hair often, you may feel that the hair grows back faster than the rest of your body but that is not the case. We simply tend to notice the most hair growth in short hair. And because there s not much down there, it can be hard to discern the same amount of growth on the head. Also Read Laser Hair Removal For Intimate Areas: Tips And Benefits

  • What Is LASER: Are Hair Removal And Tattoo Removal Lasers The Same?

  • Dark Underarms? 5 Easy Yet Effective Skincare Tips To Prevent Underarm Pigmentation

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Removing your pubic hair can also increase your risk of catching herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is because the sensitive pubis is left with small cuts where viruses and bacteria can get into your skin.

Plucking your pubic hair can be painful and takes a long time. Plucking can cause redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and damage to the skin. It can also result in ingrown hairs (where the hair curls backward or sideways under the skin) and infection.

At the moment, my pubic hair is enjoying a post-holiday trimmed look. I had the luxury of leaving Melbourne for warmer times up north and shaved my bikini line/trimmed back my pubic hair with an electric razor. After many laser sessions in my early twenties, my growth is much more sparse than it used to be. I still have visible hair coverage, even when trimmed back (which I really only do a couple of times a year). 041b061a72


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