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Round Busty Tits

Earlier this year, we had a post about nothing but big beautiful tits. The only downside? It was all about natural beauty, so imagine my excitement when I got a chance to write a post dedicated to the most beautiful, sexiest breasts of all time without any limitations or requirements. In nine out of ten cases, the best tits are the fake tits.

round busty tits

While creating this list was rather easy, in terms of variety, when it comes to the perfect boobs, the standards have had to be incredibly high, so ladies (call me) and gentlemen, these are the best fake tits of all time.

A slightly smaller pair than of other pornstars with big tits, but what Brooklyn does not reach in size, she makes up for it with a beautiful round shape and perfect body to tits radio. If this was not a porn industry, Chase could beat 99% of all average women in the gym, street, or beauty contests. Funny how this is now considered medium size.

I prefer a shape and proportions in the long run (would never refuse to bang someone like Hitomi at least once), so Brooklyn Chase does fit my taste rather well. So bring a cup of coffee, squeeze these tits, and watch the magic happen.

Another British pornstar with big tits, except much more experienced and better looking than the others. Leigh is not only a hot adult actress but seems to be a magician too, just look how her massive tits disappear in that small bath.

The most confused pornstar with big tits of them all, having more names than there are dicks in my ass right now. The blood must be flowing to the wrong places as Katerina used over 20 nicknames in the past, including Paula, Katy Kozy, Tani Lesko, Snow and so much more. However, once a major porn studio signed a deal with her, she stuck with Katerina and it has been business ever since.

She meets all our needs, has big tits, is a pornstar, and even brought some oil to the party. Her initial boost of fame came from the pregnant sex tape that was released back in 2014. However, it took her over 10 years to reach mainstream porn (active from 2003 till now).

While God does not like giving Asian women nice boobs, a knife and a few silicones will do the job. Sure, Asa Akira does not have the biggest tits in the world, but it is more about the shape, symmetry, and all that crap.

Bouncing to the laws of physics, these hot big tits have stolen the show and the rest of the list is irrelevant. Just so you know, they are attached to Kayla Kayden, a lucky woman from the US. Yes, the results are undeniable.

Okay, behind the underwater scenes was a trio of some of the best MILF tits out there, or cougar, whatever. These were Holly Halston, Charlee Chase, and Sara Jay. While I am not a big fan of the extremely dark area around the nipple, the other two female performers would work just fine.

It looks like the gods at Brazzers have collected pretty much pornstar with big, fake tits. Or maybe it is the fact that these get paid a lot more so most end up going under the knife and buying themselves a nice pair of fake tits.

Yes, they are fake and there was extra PS work, but this is what we want, right? Fake. I love oily tits, shiny tits, big and bouncy tits, and a blouse that shows pretty much everything. I am falling in love now, guys, and the only cure is jerking yourself off.

Can you get much better than Samantha? Unlike the higher percentage of these here, she is still a rather young slut with a face/skin that does not look like that of a carpet. Sure, being the post about the pornstar tits, it should not do much in terms of bonus points, but it is the complete package. 041b061a72


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