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While timeshares are often sold as the perfect travel tool, they obviously do not meet the satisfactory levels of the other 15% of timeshare owners. However, when it meets with consumers' expectations, a timeshare ownership has the potential of reaching a much higher satisfaction rate among its users.



We believe that timeshare resales offer consumers and savvy travelers a great opportunity to learn more about the various vacation ownerships available on the market and to understand how timeshares work. If you are in the market to buy a timeshare, we suggest a few articles that will get you started with references and general information about timeshares. We can certainly help you choose the right timeshare ownership to suit your vacation lifestyle and budget. We believe that, as a well-informed consumer, once you know the mechanics of timeshares you will feel at ease to make the right selection when buying a timeshare. The decisional factor to buy a timeshare is to first determine if the concept of timeshare is for you by trying to match the right timeshare program with your vacation lifestyle you are trying to accomplish for yourself and your family.

Our Resource Center has been designed to provide current information on the wide range of timeshare-related products available on the resale market today: from traditional fixed weeks to the many Vacation Travel Clubs offering various point systems, from private residence clubs to fractional ownerships, we aim at enlightening consumers toward a better understanding of the concept. Through online workshops or personalized presentations, we offer advice that is intended to guide consumers who are actively searching to purchase a timeshare from existing owners on the resale market.

Have fun exploring our website, browse featured timeshares for sale, timeshare rentals as well as our archived articles or subscribe to our online periodical to keep receiving information about timeshare reviews, RCI points, exchange systems and timeshare promotions.

Remember, you will enjoy the benefits when purchasing a resale from a previous owner on the secondary market but you will not have to pay the developers price. These dream vacations at yesterday's prices, at your favorite destinations are just a click away. What are you waiting for?

Keep in mind that emotions are often the driven force behind the buyers motivation to purchase that will always remain yours to uncover. To achieve a successful sale, first a minimum of trust will have to be established between you two and through this solid connection, you will be able to help and find out what your buyers are really looking for.

When a majority of timeshare owners are left on their own to re-sell their program, owners wishing to make a quick sale will often resort to bringing down the value of their timeshare to a bare minimum. However, this will not necessarily help them selling it any faster. You have to put yourself in the consumer's shoes: would you buy something you don't understand?

While the concept of timeshares has been around for over 40 years, it still remains misunderstood and commonly mistaken by the general population. Therefore the price it resells at has often little to do with a successful sale. The pertinence with which its usage matches the consumers needs will most likely achieve success in passing on its benefits to the next owner.

Before the online market, people interested in buying timeshares had only a few options, other than attending a timeshare presentation, to obtain information and be at a liberty to choose from a wider range of quality products. With the convenience of the online market, wide range of information is not only readily available but still can be overwhelming for the potential interested buyers.

*Disclaimer: RCI is aware that entities not affiliated with RCI are contacting timeshare owners ("Owners") and incorrectly stating or implying that they are RCI, authorized by RCI to make offers, or they are affiliated with RCI. These entities may offer to assist in the sale or rental of Owners' timeshare interests for an upfront fee (e.g. offering rental services for Owners' "Getaway Weeks" or "Bonus Weeks" for an up-front fee), or they may invite an Owner to attend an informational "RCI Update meeting" to discuss updates to RCI exchange programs. Please exercise caution if you are contacted by anyone claiming to be related to RCI and contact RCI directly with any questions.

RCI also has been informed that certain resale service providers are offering to sell the timeshare interests of Owners, some of whom are RCI members, and thereby relieve the Owner of her or his ongoing maintenance fee obligation, in exchange for payment of up-front fees and execution of a power of attorney to sell the Owner's timeshare interest. Owners receiving such offers may wish to consult with an attorney and/or their resort to confirm that a transfer of ownership and the corresponding maintenance fee obligation will occur as represented and any resulting sale or rental will be honored.

Resort Condominiums International, more commonly known as RCI, is the largest timeshare exchange company in the industry and, as such, is one of the strongest brand names globally associated with timeshare ownership. However, because RCI is not a vacation ownership resort or club in its own right, it does not own inventory and, therefore, cannot offer RCI timeshare resales as a product on the secondary market.

Where confusion often enters the discussion is in the role RCI plays in the use of the time-share product. Because of the ways timeshares have been sold in the past by resorts, some timeshare sellers think they can sell an RCI timeshare resale when, in actual fact, the seller owns a timeshare at a resort which is only affiliated with RCI and is available for vacations within the RCI exchange network.

If you think you own RCI timeshares and this all seems a bit confusing, you are not alone. Please give us a call on 800-640-6886 or fill out our inquiry form and we can help sort it out for you.

The use of vacation ownership exchange platforms such as RCI are a major reason owners enjoy their vacations, but there are also reasons why owners choose to sell their timeshares. Whether it is a change in family, finances or just time to move on, timeshare ownership is cyclical and there comes a time when owners plan to sell.

The first option to cancel your RCI timeshare worth exploring is selling your timeshare. However, this option is only available for paid-off timeshares. The first step is figuring out how marketable your timeshare is.

We recommend seeking professional advice, but this can be time-consuming and a bit tricky because many timeshare resale companies try to charge exorbitant prices to list your timeshare. We have found that more often than not, these entities are more concerned with getting a prepaid marketing fee than the successful sale of your timeshare.

Additionally, it is a fact that there are more timeshares listed than prospective timeshare buyers. Often, timeshare supply exceeds demand, which is why many timeshare listings are set for $1 on sites like eBay. Another consideration is the amount of time it may take to sell the timeshare and that you must continue paying the maintenance fees while your timeshare is listed.

Remember, most people today avoid timeshares because of the bad reputation they have within our society. The word timeshare is synonymous with scams, and most travelers today would instead use Airbnb or book a hotel at market prices rather than be tied to a monthly or annual maintenance fee that always tends to go up.

Most recently, Florida amended their timeshare laws to make it harder for timeshare owners to transfer their timeshares consequence-free. Florida Statute XL, Chapter 721, Section 17, Paragraph 1.e is the most concerning piece of the legislation and states:

Again, trying to work things out with your timeshare company will be akin to negotiating the cessation of nuclear proliferation with Kim Jong Un. The sole purpose of timeshare companies is to make money by selling timeshare - not accepting timeshares back into their portfolio, which ultimately hurt profits. Another primary consideration before attempting to go this route is that if you are unsuccessful in your negotiations, it will be nearly impossible for any other entity to assist you in canceling your timeshare.

Before canceling your timeshare, it is essential to find legitimate timeshare exit providers or timeshare resale companies. We created a comprehensive list of what to look for when doing business with a timeshare resale or exit company:

The fastest way to sell your RCI timeshare is to hire a reputable timeshare resale company and list your timeshare for $1.00 and pay the transfer fees for the prospective buyer. The downside is that even doing this may take months or even years to find someone willing to buy your timeshare.

We believe that we are the best timeshare exit company for anyone who wants to cancel their RCI timeshares. Connect with our team today and learn why most people agree Cancel Timeshare is the best option to cancel RCI timeshares.

Usually, timeshares sold on the aftermarket are successfully done so with the assistance of a Transfer Company or Resale Company. We recommend Allied Transfers because they are reasonably priced and provide an excellent service.

With RCI Points you are no longer limited to taking a vacation in the same place every year. This gives you all the possibilities you could dream of. Maybe you would like to break up your week into a smaller trip. You can do this with RCI Points. The timeshare resale market allows you to find points a little more manageable to your pocket book.

Timeshare Broker Sales is a licensed REALTOR and an A+ BBB Accredited Business. We are timeshare resale specialists and experts on RCI timeshare exchange. Contact us today Toll Free at (800) 985-9946 and see what our clients are raving about! There is a true difference in the personalized service we provide. 041b061a72


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