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Best Place To Buy Designer Handbags

The San Francisco-based ultra-curated luxury consignment site boasts a large selection of second-hand designer items like handbags, shoes, apparel, accessories, and even home goods and fine arts at up to 90% off retail prices.

best place to buy designer handbags

Second-hand luxury website Rebag focuses on designer handbags, clutches, pouches, totes, and everything else in between. You can find pretty much every luxury brand on the site, including Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel, and Gucci.

We all know Farfetch as one of the largest global platforms for luxury fashion. But what you may not know is that it is also one of the best resale websites. Launched in 2019, Farfetch Second Life allows customers to exchange designer bags, accessories, jewelry, and apparel for store credit. (Farfetch only accepts items from its list of designers that are in immaculate condition).

1stDibs features listings from trusted sellers, all of which have been handpicked and authenticated by in-the-know experts. The resale website sells thousands of high-end pieces, from affluent fashion to fine art to designer decor (it is one of the best online furniture stores, may we add). And whether you choose to buy directly or bid at the 1stDibs online auction, you always leave this resale website très excited.

StockX is a bit of an outlier on our list of the best luxury resale websites. Unlike all the other sites on our list, StockX functions more like an auction stock market. Buyers place bids, sellers place asks, and when a bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automatically and is live on the website. You can even track price fluctuation history. Buyers and sellers remain anonymous.

Founded in 2011 in Dubai, The Luxury Closet is a leading online boutique in the Middle East for buying and selling pre-loved luxury items. The resale site offers a large inventory of designer handbags and clothes, luxury watches, and popular jewelry brands (Think: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Rolex, and more.)

The Luxury Closet can count on its team of 80 experts to provide excellent customer service and build trust with online shoppers. Everything sold on the site is guaranteed to be 100% authentic so you can buy designer handbags for less with confidence. The site even has a dedicated VIP concierge service in the UAE and Riyadh for sellers who would like to sell eight items or more.

Not only are you giving a second life to incredible designer handbags and clothing, but you get to save some money in the process and get to take home Chanel, Prada, Gucci and more for a fraction of the retail price.

Not only can you rent the runway, but you can buy it now, too. The popular rental platform is also a great place to buy second-hand designer duds, as you can rent them to make sure they fit you and your lifestyle before opting to purchase them for a reduced price. We had the awesome opportunity to test the rental service and loved the range of designers and huge selection, so we think you will too and should you fall in love with an item or two, you can keep it forever and rent the rest.

If you have a passion for designer fashions, but not the designer price, Fashionphile is for you. The luxury site sells everything from designer handbags and wallets to accessories, jewelry, shoes and even household items. Each one is authenticated by their experts, guaranteeing you a quality piece. Shop them online now, or for those who prefer in-person shopping, find a store here.

Why you'll love it: From funky handbags to elegant jewelry, this mother-and-daughter-founded company carries the must-haves you need to accessorize an outfit. Plus, you'll save thousands compared to buying new. The membership is especially great for vacations, letting you hold on to your picks without a pressing return date. Vivrelle also features style collabs where stylists and designers drop their collections and sell pieces from their own closets.

Why you'll love it: Rebag has timeless and on-trend bags from the top luxury brands. The curated list of accepted brands means you only will see the best of the best, in terms of designer handbags. Since everything is pre-owned, you can find styles that you wouldn't even encounter in a retail store today. The selection is well-organized, well-presented, and sure to make any handbag aficionado swoon.

Why you'll love it: You get all of the same brands as Nordstrom, but with lower prices. The website also shows how much you're saving when compared to the original retail value of the given item. The wide array of everyday brands and designer ones makes this a great place to shop if you want to treat yourself to some nicer clothing while still staying on a budget.

How it works: T.J. Maxx is known for selling products at prices far lower than most competing department stores. While you might associate the brand with cheaper, fast fashion, T.J. Maxx has a surprising selection of luxury goods. The Runway at Maxx is the lesser-known part of the site where you can find designer clothing, handbags, and jewelry at prices below retail value.

There might be a plethora of re-sale marketplaces out there, but it's impossible to forget the original site for selling pre-loved items, eBay. And while we're sifting through the online marketplace's offerings on a regular basis, a major concern for thrift shopping users is whether their designer offerings are authentic.

Just like TheRealReal, quality of product should be checked when purchasing designer handbags from Vestiaire. And while there's a lot of confidence in their offering, the best deals to navigate from Vestiaire are more rare and limited-edition pieces, found through the 'Exceptional Pieces' section on their website. On the app, you can find pieces such as the Prada Tessuto, the Gucci Jackie or the Dior Saddle for up to 70 percent off their retail price.

Sure, there might be a plethora of home decor ready to be snatched up, but there's also a bevy of limited-edition, one-of-a-kind designer handbags that are ready to be snatched up, like the Hermès Birkin Bag and the coveted Versace La Medua.

Though best known for its denim, Madewell is a great place to shop for minimalist leather bags. Whether you want a tote, a crossbody bag, a camera bag, a saddlebag, or just about any classic silhouette in between, Madewell offers it in a selection of colored leather, ranging from black and cognac to navy and burgundy. The brand's Sydney Crossbody Bag is one high-quality option that's equal parts stylish and functional. The brand's purses are a favorite among celebs Meghan Markle, Emma Roberts, and Jessica Alba.

Home to practically every product category under the sun, Amazon is also a good place to shop for purses, especially if your goal is to get one as quickly as possible. After all, with Amazon Prime, you could be rocking your new bag in as little as 24 hours. You'll find fast-fashion brands with wildly low prices alongside popular handbag brands like Vera Bradley, Aldo, and Steve Madden. Amazon is also home to a handful of designer purses including Coach and Michael Kors.

While Daikokuya offers the convenience of online shopping, nothing beats paying the shop a visit because on-site purchases are subject to an 8% tax exemption. Luxury handbags and watches are the main attraction at this 71-year old institution but other items that catch the fancy of both male and female shoppers are designer clothes, scarves, wallets, and shoes.

This is one of the most recent classic bags, which is extremely popular right now, especially in some cities such as Milan, but in a few years it has managed to deserve a place in the ranking of the best luxury handbags to invest in.

Love That Bag is a Canadian consignment store based in Montreal that specializes in handbags. More specifically, it curates high-end, designer handbags that are in near perfect condition, and resells them without the huge designer price tag. It also has a hassle-free return policy and worldwide shipping.

Most countries around the world have a selection of outlet malls (ex.: where you can pick up a designer handbag for a fraction of the cost, and many people flock to these places to find the cheapest designer purses.

Europe has long been seen as one of the best places to bag a bargain on designer items from handbags to dresses, and shoes to earrings. According to Vogue, who knows a thing or two about fashion, the cheapest designer bags can be found in the UK, France and Germany.

Whether you have booked a weekend away in Paris, a week in Dubai, or simply staying put at home in London; we explore which country is the best and cheapest place to buy a Chanel bag in 2022.

Are you still hoping to have the boutique experience when purchasing your Chanel bag? If so, the UK and Europe are currently the best places overall to purchase directly from the Chanel boutique. Purchasing directly from Chanel not only gives you the true luxury experience with their amazing customer service, but also the 5-year Chanel et Moi warranty that comes with all bag purchases. Additionally, if you make your purchase with a 0% credit card in the boutique, you will be in a position to pay off your Chanel bag in equal installments. The prices in the UK and Europe are slightly cheaper than in the US and elsewhere, with the added benefit of tax-free shopping in the EU.

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