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L2 File Edit C6l

Table of Contents1. General Information 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Supported Systems 1.3 Data Flow 1.4 Handling 1.5 Configuration 1.5.1 Management 1.5.2 Examples 1.6 Limitations 1.7 Looking Back2. Settings Details 2.1 Top Menu Bar 2.1.1 File 2.1.2 Help 2.2 Network 2.2.1 Proxy 2.2.2 SSL 2.3 General 2.3.1 Logfile 2.3.2 Append Files 2.3.3 Reread Configuration 2.3.4 Auto Start 2.3.5 Raw Output File 2.4 RINEX Observations 2.4.1 Filenames 2.4.2 Directory 2.4.3 File Interval 2.4.4 Sampling 2.4.5 Skeleton Extension 2.4.6 Skeleton Mandatory 2.4.7 Script 2.4.8 Version 2 2.4.9 Version 3 2.4.10 Version 3 Filenames 2.5 RINEX Ephemeris 2.5.1 Directory 2.5.2 Interval 2.5.3 Port 2.5.4 Version 2.5.5 Version 3 Filenames 2.6 RINEX Editing & QC 2.6.1 Action 2.6.2 Input Files 2.6.3 Output Files 2.6.4 Logfiles 2.6.5 Plots for Signals 2.6.6 Directory for Plots 2.6.7 Set Edit Options 2.6.8 Command Line, No Window 2.7 SP3 Comparison 2.7.1 Input SP3 Files 2.7.2 Exclude Satellites 2.7.3 Logfile 2.8 Broadcast Corrections 2.8.1 Directory, ASCII 2.8.2 Interval 2.8.3 Port 2.8.4 Wait for Full Corr Epoch 2.9 Feed Engine 2.9.1 Port 2.9.2 Wait for Full Obs Epoch 2.9.3 Sampling 2.9.4 File 2.9.5 Port (unsynchronized) 2.10 Serial Output 2.10.1 Mountpoint 2.10.2 Port Name 2.10.3 Baud Rate 2.10.4 Flow Control 2.10.5 Parity 2.10.6 Data Bits 2.10.7 Stop Bits 2.10.8 NMEA 2.10.9 File 2.10.10 Height 2.10.11 Sampling 2.11 Outages 2.11.1. Observation Rate 2.11.2. Failure Threshold 2.11.3. Recovery Threshold 2.11.4. Script 2.12 Miscellaneous 2.12.1. Mountpoint 2.12.2. Log Latency 2.12.3. Scan RTCM 2.12.4. Port 2.13 PPP Client 2.13.1 PPP (1): Input and Output Data Source RINEX Observation File RINEX Navigation File Corrections Stream Corrections File ANTEX File Coordinates Version 3 Filenames Logfile Directory NMEA Directory SNX TRO Directory Interval Sampling 2.13.2 PPP (2): Processed Stations Station Sigma North/East/Up Noise North/East/Up Tropo Sigma Tropo Noise NMEA Port 2.13.3 PPP (3): Processing Options Linear Combinations Code Observations Phase Observations Elevation Dependent Weighting Minimum Number of Observations Minimum Elevation Wait for Clock Corrections Seeding 2.13.4 PPP (4): Plots PPP Plot Audio Response Track Map Google/OSM Dot-properties Size Color Post Processing Speed 2.14 Combine Corrections 2.14.1 Combine Corrections Table Add Row, Delete Method Maximal Residuum Sampling Use GLONASS 2.15 Upload Corrections 2.15.1 Add, Delete Row 2.15.2 Host, Port, Mountpoint, Password 2.15.3 System 2.15.4 Center of Mass 2.15.5 SP3 File 2.15.6 RNX File 2.15.7 Interval 2.15.8 Sampling Orbits SP3 RINEX 2.15.9 Custom Trafo 2.15.10 ANTEX File 2.16 Upload Ephemeris 2.16.1 Host & Port 2.16.2 Mountpoint & Password 2.16.3 Sampling 2.17 Streams Canvas 2.17.1 Edit Streams 2.17.2 Delete Stream 2.17.3 Reconfigure Stream Selection On-the-fly 2.18 Logging Canvas 2.18.1 Log 2.18.2 Throughput 2.18.3 Latency 2.18.4 PPP Plot 2.19 Bottom Menu Bar 2.19.1 Add Stream Add Stream - Coming from Caster Caster Host and Port Casters Table User and Password Get Table Ntrip Version Map Add Stream - Coming from TCP/IP Port Add Stream - Coming from UDP Port Add Stream - Coming from Serial Port 2.19.2 Delete Stream 2.19.3 Map 2.19.4 Start 2.19.5 Stop 2.19.6 Help? = Shift+F1 2.20 Command Line Options 2.20.1 Version 2.20.2 Display 2.20.3 No Window Mode 2.20.4 File Mode 2.20.5 Configuration File 2.20.6 Configuration Options3. Annex 3.1. Revision History 3.2. RTCM Standards 3.2.1 Ntrip Version 1 3.2.2 Ntrip Version 2 3.2.3 RTCM Version 2 3.2.4 RTCM Version 3 3.3. Command Line Help 3.4. Further Reading

L2 File Edit C6l

List of FiguresFig. TitleChapter1Flowchart, BNC connected to a GNSS rover for Precise Point Positioning1.32Flowchart, BNC converting RTCM streams to RINEX batches1.33Flowchart, BNC feeding a real-time GNSS engine and uploading encoded Broadcast Corrections1.34Flowchart, BNC combining Broadcast Correction streams1.35Sections on BNC's main window1.46Management of configuration options in BNC1.5.17BNC's 'Network' panel configured to ignore eventually occurring SSL error messages2.2.28BNC translating incoming streams to 15 min RINEX Version 3 files2.49Converting Broadcast Ephemeris stream to RINEX Version 3 Navigation file2.5.510Example for 'RINEX Editing Options' window2.6.711Example for RINEX file concatenation with BNC2.6.712Example for creating RINEX quality check analysis graphics output with BNC2.6.713Example for satellite availability, elevation and PDOP plots as a result of a RINEX quality check analysis with BNC2.6.714Sky plot examples for multipath, part of RINEX quality check analysis with BNC2.6.715Sky plot examples for signal-to-noise ratio, part of RINEX quality check analysis with BNC2.6.716BNC configuration example for comparing two SP3 files with satellite orbit and clock data2.7.317BNC configuration example for pulling, saving and output of Broadcast Corrections2.8.318Synchronized BNC output via IP port to feed a GNSS real-time engine2.919Flowcharts, BNC forwarding a stream to a serial connected receiver; sending NMEA sentences is mandatory for VRS streams2.1020BNC pulling a VRS stream to feed a serial connected RTK rover2.1021RTCM message numbers, latencies and observation types2.1222Real-time Precise Point Positioning with BNC, PPP Panel 12.13.123Precise Point Positioning with BNC, PPP Panel 2, using RTKPLOT for visualization2.13.224Precise Point Positioning with BNC, PPP Panel 32.13.325BNC in 'Quick-Start' mode (PPP, Panel 2) of positions from BNC with Google Maps in the background2.13.4.327Example for a background map from Google Maps and OpenStreetMap (OSM) resources2. combining Broadcast Correction streams2.14.1.129BNC uploading the combined Broadcast Corrections stream2.14.1.130'INTERNAL' PPP with BNC using combined Broadcast Corrections stream2.14.1.131Setting Custom Transformation Parameters window, example for 'ITRF2008->GDA94'2.15.332Producing Broadcast Corrections from incoming precise orbits and clocks and uploading them to an Ntrip Broadcaster2.15.933Producing a Broadcast Ephemeris stream from navigation messages of globally distributed RTCM streams and uploading them in RTCM Version 3 format to an Ntrip Broadcaster2.16.334Bandwidth consumption of incoming streams2.18.235Latency of incoming streams2.18.336Time series plot of PPP session showing displacements2.18.437Steam input communication links2.1938Casters table2. source-table2. distribution map derived from Ntrip Broadcaster source-table2. setup for pulling a stream via serial port2.19.1.4

BNC has been written under GNU General Public License (GPL). Source code is available from Subversion software archive Binaries for BNC are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems. We used the MinGW Version 4.4.0 compiler to create the Windows binaries. It is likely that BNC can be compiled on other systems where a GNU compiler and Qt Version 4.8.4 or any later version are installed. Please ensure that you always use the latest precompiled version of BNC available from Note that static and shared builds of BNC are made available. A static build would be sufficient in case you don't want BNC to trace PPP results using Google Map (GM) or OpenStreetMap (OSM). However, GM/OSM usage requires the QtWebKit library which can only be part of BNC builds from shared libraries. Using a shared library BNC build requires that you first install your own shared Qt library. The 'README.txt' file which comes with the BNC source code describes how to install Qt on Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

BNC provides context-sensitive help (What's This) related to specific objects. It furthermore comes with the here presented documentation, available as part of the software and as a PDF file. Responsible for online and offline documentation, example configurations (and till February 2014 the overall BNC policy concept) is Dr. Georg Weber [].

  • BNC was designed to serve the following purposes:Retrieve real-time GNSS data streams available through Ntrip transport protocol;

  • Retrieve real-time GNSS data streams via TCP directly from an IP address without using the Ntrip transport protocol;

  • Retrieve real-time GNSS data streams from a local UDP or serial port without using the Ntrip transport protocol;

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