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Girls Forever (215) Mp4

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Girls Forever (215) mp4

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Two days before Christmas, Chapa states to the other Danger Force members that they haven't done anything Christmas-related as Chapa is obsessed with Christmas. They do all the Christmas-related stuff until Ray appears. He tells the real story of Christmas from a book he bought at the Truth Store stating that Mother Nature and Father Time got married and gave birth to Santa Claus and Krampus where Krampus' activities got him on the naughty list for 1,000 where he ran away and moved to a desert outside of San Bernardino, California. They fought a duel until Santa Claus defeated Krampus and locked him in a clothing store called Punk Function. On Christmas Eve, Schwoz has invited Santa Claus to the Man's Nest as Schwoz reveals to Mika, Miles, and Chapa that he tunes up his sleigh that has a positron fuel injector. While the others go to get corn from the Corn Lady, Captain Man and Volt find the Man's Nest decorated as they find the P.A.N.T.S. are down as a flying object is approaching the Man's Nest. As Volt goes outside, she attacks the flying object only to discover too late that it's Santa Claus' sleigh. As a side-effect of the attack, Krampus escapes from his prison. Schwoz, Mika, Miles, and Bose return and learn what happened that involves Santa Claus having amnesia. Captain Man instructs Schwoz to find a way to get Santa Claus' memory back as they find that he escaped and is running around Swellview not knowing who he is. Krampus then arrives at the Man's Nest to look for Santa Claus so that he can destroy him and Christmas forever. Krampus starts by tricking Bose into touching him so that he can make him bad in his search for Santa Claus. The news reports that Santa's magic bag fell on two dirty kids causing Captain Man and Volt to retrieve it while AWOL and Shout-Out go looking for Santa Claus and Schwoz looks for Bose. Krampus crashes the interview with Percy and Miriam as Captain Man and Volt arrive to claim the magic bag. Krampus also touches Percy, Miriam, Trent, and Mary as part of Krampus' plans to make nobody like Christmas. After being struck down by Volt, Krampus prepares to make more people hate Christmas.

Mika and Miles argue over the fast forwarding as Herman comes in stating that someone has stolen the saddle he was using on the horse he was riding with Angela translating his sad language. This causes Mika and Miles to compete on who will find his saddle. At the Man's Nest, Ray is wearing the pink sweatsuits while on a laundry strike due to Schwoz not wanting to do Ray's laundry. Chapa comes up with the idea to have a competition to see who can catch crimes where whoever catches the crimes along the way will get to take a bath in the nice tub when Herman gets out by the time they finish Coyote Weekend where they watch the Jacob's Coyote films. Schwoz helps them out by giving them a special scoreboard to keep score on the busted crimes. Three girls turn themselves in for stealing the fudge causing Miles to get three scores. Schwoz lends Mika the Man Buggy and a retro pair of shades to drive around Swellview in order to find criminals and a lead to the person who stole Herman's saddle. When Coyote Weekend ends, it turns out the cricket interrupting the Coyote movies was the ringtone on Bose's phone. The Swellview Academy of the Gifted is visited by the Swellview Criminal Softball League who are looking for their stolen scoreboard. Miles traps the 30 members in the school which gives him some extra points. At Hip Hop Puree, Mika rants about Miles' victory to Chapa when a woman named Priscilla comes in with a stolen saddle that belongs to Big Herm. Mika changes into ShoutOut and takes down Priscilla and rescues her father's saddle. As both of them argue who gets to bathe in the tears of their father, she starts boasting to the neighborhood causing Miles, Angela, and Herman to take their leave.

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