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Subtitle Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope 1977 7...

Star Wars and its ensuing film installments have been explicitly referenced and satirized across a wide range of media. Hardware Wars, released in 1978, was one of the first fan films to parody Star Wars.[278] It received positive critical reaction, went to earn over $1 million, and is one of Lucas's favorite Star Wars spoofs.[279][280][281] Writing for The New York Times, Frank DeCaro said, "Star Wars littered pop culture of the late 1970s with a galaxy of space junk."[282] He cited Quark (a short-lived 1977 sitcom that parodies the science fiction genre)[282] and Donny & Marie (a 1970s variety show that produced a 10-minute musical adaptation of Star Wars guest starring Daniels and Mayhew)[283] as "television's two most infamous examples."[282] Mel Brooks's Spaceballs, a satirical comic science fiction parody, was released in 1987 to mixed reviews.[284] Lucas permitted Brooks to make a spoof of the film under "one incredibly big restriction: no action figures."[285] In the 1990s and 2000s, animated comedy TV series Family Guy,[286] Robot Chicken,[287] and The Simpsons[288] have produced episodes satirizing the film series. A Nerdist article published in 2021 argues that "Star Wars is the most influential film of all time" partly on the basis that "if all copies ... suddenly vanished, we could more or less recreate the film ... using other media," including parodies.[289]

subtitle Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope 1977 7...

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Some critics have blamed Star Wars, as well as Jaws, for ruining Hollywood by shifting its focus from "sophisticated" films such as The Godfather, Taxi Driver, and Annie Hall to films about spectacle and juvenile fantasy.[301] On a late 1977 episode of Sneak Previews, Siskel expressed concern that, "It's so successful and so mindless fun that I hope Hollywood doesn't forget that there are people who like to see serious pictures too."[302] Another critic, Peter Biskind, later complained, "When all was said and done, Lucas and Spielberg returned the 1970s audience, grown sophisticated on a diet of European and New Hollywood films, to the simplicities of the pre-1960s Golden Age of movies... They marched backward through the looking-glass."[301][164] In an opposing view, Tom Shone wrote that through Star Wars and Jaws, Lucas and Spielberg "didn't betray cinema at all: they plugged it back into the grid, returning the medium to its roots as a carnival sideshow, a magic act, one big special effect", which was "a kind of rebirth."[297] 041b061a72


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