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How to Get Unlimited Money and Gold in Gold Rush: The Game

How to Get Unlimited Money and Gold in Gold Rush: The Game

Gold Rush: The Game is a realistic gold mining simulator that lets you experience the thrill of digging for gold in Alaska. You can use various tools and machines to extract gold from the ground, sell it, and upgrade your equipment. But what if you want to skip the hard work and get rich quickly? Well, there are some cheats and hacks that can help you do that.


In this article, we will show you how to use cheat codes and trainers to get unlimited money and gold in Gold Rush: The Game. These cheats are not officially supported by the developers, so use them at your own risk. Also, keep in mind that cheating may ruin the fun and challenge of the game, so we recommend that you only use them after you have completed the game normally.

Cheat Codes

Gold Rush: The Game has a built-in debug mode that you can access by typing "bird man" during gameplay. This will display the version number of the game and unlock several commands that you can use to manipulate the game. Here are some of the most useful cheat codes:

  • money - Get 50,000$

  • gold - Get 50 oz of gold

  • get object - Get any object by entering its number (see below)

  • position - Change your current X/Y coordinates on the current screen

  • tp - Teleport to any location by entering its name (see below)

  • show pri - Show the priorities of the current screen

  • show mem - Show the memory usage

  • set var - Assign a new value to a chosen variable

  • show var - Show the value of a chosen variable

  • set flag - Set a chosen flag

  • reset flag - Reset a chosen flag

  • show flag - Show the status of a chosen flag

To use these cheat codes, simply type them in the debug mode and press Enter. Some of them require additional input, such as a number or a name. For example, to get 50 oz of gold, you would type "gold 50" and press Enter.

Object Numbers

The get object cheat code allows you to obtain any object in the game by entering its number. Here is a list of some of the most useful objects and their numbers:



Bank statement15



Cape Horn ticket22

Cash ($1065)14

Cash ($15)6

Cash ($165)7

Cash ($215)8

Cash ($415)9

Cash ($665)10

Cash ($765)11

Cash ($865)12

Cash ($965)13

GOLD! ($1040)80

GOLD! ($5387)130

GOLD! ($98)61

GOLD! ($982)79 e0e6b7cb5c


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