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Besides his last two outings as John McClane, Mr. Willis has also appeared in Red and Red 2. The prosecution isn't a fan of these films, but that isn't why they are being used against Mr. Willis. It's because the actor put little to no effort in those films, and it's painfully obvious in Red 2 that the actor just didn't want to be there. If the actor doesn't care about the movie why should we (the movie goers) give a shit? The same can also be said for most of the direct-to-video crap he has starred in like The Cold Light of Day, Catch .44 and Set Up. But why in the f is Mr. Willis appearing in direct-to-video films in the first place?

So what else has Mr. Willis done these past ten years? A completely unnecessary sequel to a sleeper hit (The Whole Ten Yards), the vomit inducing Cop Out and Surrogates, which is just plain boring. His appearances in The Expendables films have pretty much been cameos and although G.I. Joe: Retribution was fun, the prosecution feels that Mr. Willis really didn't add much to the movie in general. The prosecution isn't looking at a lengthy sentence for Mr. Willis, just one long enough so the actor can get his shit together. Underwhelming Die Hard sequels? Direct-to-video slop? A cameo in Nancy Drew!? We expect more from you Mr. Willis, and hopefully some time in Movie Jail will help.

Ladies and gentlemen, my client doesn't care. That's right: Mr. Willis doesn't give a shit what you think. Isn't that obvious by now? Don't like The Expendables 3 news? Pffft, jog on. My client doesn't need that series and he certainly doesn't care about online film nerds bitching about him not appearing in the third movie because guess what: he's Bruce f*cking Willis.

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