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Buy Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans

During the 1970s, Vanderbilt ventured into the fashion business itself, first with Glentex, licensing her name and a collection of her paintings for a line of scarves.[27] In 1976, Indian designer Mohan Murjani's Murjani Corporation proposed launching a line of designer jeans carrying Vanderbilt's signature embroidered on the back pocket, as well as her swan logo. Her jeans were more tightly fitted than other jeans of that time and were an immediate success with customers.[24]

buy gloria vanderbilt jeans

Fall is officially here. Whether that means returning to school, the office or simply preparing for the incoming sweater weather, a solid autumn wardrobe can help ease the transition into this new season. And there's no better place to start than the fall essentials: a great, reliable pair of boots and jeans.

Great jeans don't have to cost a whole paycheck. Right now, the reviewer-loved Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda classic jeans are on early Black Friday sale at Kohl's for as low as $10. That's the lowest price we've ever seen on the trendy pant. You can tap the button below to check out the jeans and the deal.

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Straight leg jeans can cause quite the conundrum when it comes to selecting a style of shoe to match, but sock-style booties are a sleek and simple solution. Form-fitting ankle booties will slide right under them hem of straight leg jeans with ease.

These jeans, a favorite among CBS Essentials shoppers, are now marked down as low as $10 -- the best price we've seen. The pant features a slightly relaxed cut through the seat and comes in a wide variety of colors. Kohl's offers the denim beginning at a size 2 and stopping at size 24.

Khloe Kardashian certainly knew what she was doing with Good American's best-selling pair of skinny jeans. These stylish jeans have a gap-proof waistband and are made with super-stretch denim for extra comfort.

Cropped ankle flare jeans, while adorable, leave quite a bit of ankle space out in the open. That's where mid calf booties come in-- fill that bare ankle space with a bold pattern that makes a stylish statement.

Vanderbilt got her start in the industry as a teenage model. But her true calling was in design, which she experimented with during the 1970s. At the time, she dabbled with textiles and produced a few dresses. It led to a partnership with Mohan Murjani, with whom she launched a collection of legendary jeans branded with a swan logo and her signature on the back right pocket.

The jeans owe their popularity to Vanderbilt herself. Not only because she was the spokesperson, but also due to her unflinching commitment to fit, quality and style. Vanderbilt never sacrificed one for the other. And that resulted in a jean that was as sexy and flattering as it was comfortable.

Gloria Vanderbilt, who passed away on June 17, was a woman of many titles. The socialite, actress, designer, and mother lived a fascinating life that was publicized from a young age. Tabloids featured her traumatic childhood and alleged Hollywood lovers. As the daughter of railroad millionaire Reginald Vanderbilt, the heiress became a household name. After a modeling career that began at 15 years old and working as a stage actress in her 30s, Vanderbilt put a pause on life as a socialite to rewrite her narrative and launch her own line of designer jeans in the 1970s, becoming a fashion icon who forever changed the world of denim.

When Vanderbilt officially launched her denim line in 1976, it was met with enormous success. The flattering jeans were a hit with American women, launching Vanderbilt to a new level of celebrity status. When she starred in her own advertisements on buses and television screens, she became one of the most recognizable women in America.

In 1979, Gloria Vanderbilt became the bestselling line, beating rivals such as Calvin Klein and Jordache. In 1980, her line brought in more than 0 million in sales. Her jeans were so popular that she expanded her company to sell additional clothing, perfume, and shoes. Vanderbilt had officially cemented her icon status in the fashion industry and built a denim empire that generated her own, uninherited wealth.

In the first two reels on her Instagram, Chopra plays with her pockets, giving a sultry commercial vibe in a crisp white button-up shirt, dark wash Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, and black heeled sandals. Gold jewelry, including a ring, bracelet, and large hoop earrings, accent the full look.

The brand became a success especially after the $1 million advertising campaign that launched in 1978, with one image showing Vanderbilt sitting in the middle of a group of models bent over displaying the designer jeans. It generated more than $200 million in sales during its peak in 1980.

After her success in designer jeans, Vanderbilt branched out into other areas, including shoes, scarves, table and bed linens and China, through her company, Gloria Concepts. In 1988, Vanderbilt joined the designer fragrance market with her signature "Glorious."

By the late 1980s, Vanderbilt sold the name and licenses for the brand name "Gloria Vanderbilt" to Gitano, who transferred it to a group of private investors in 1993. More recently, her stretch jeans have been licensed through Jones Apparel Group Inc., which acquired Gloria Vanderbilt Apparel Corp. in 2002 for $138 million.

Yes, I got caught up in the designer jeans craze of the 1980s. If you had a Members Only jacket, an Izod shirt and jeans by Calvin Klein or Jordache or Gloria Vanderbilt, man, you had arrived. Gloria Vanderbilt was the only pair of named-after-the-designer jeans that I ever owned.

It was that decade I wrestled so much with otherwise, the decade of big hair and shoulder pads, that I first began to pine for the jeans that would let people know that this shy nerd had also arrived.

"In the eighties, we totally valued designer labels," wrote Julie Anderson in a Nov. 21, 2011, article on the website "Designer jeans were pricey, sure, but ... we were happy to save our pennies (and beg our parents shamelessly) for that perfect pair of high-waisted denims.

"Gloria Vanderbilts were the ultimate designer jeans of the early and mid 80s: expensive, recognizable, and skintight," the article continues. "[These] jeans were a dark, rich blue or black with white topstitching and had Gloria's signature with that Vanderbilt swan stitched on the back pocket."

I dare say that there are more than a few pairs of designer jeans that show up in those '80s-era Awkward Family Photos features that can be found at various online sites. But as Anderson indicated in her story, you would have had to whip the behind of a designer-jeans wearer if you told her she wasn't cool ... because she certainly would have been ready to fight you.

Soon, like the universe, I expanded, and my "GVs" had to be put aside. My desire for jeans that put a label on my buns morphed into a desire for any jeans that would fit ... and would flatter said buns. That desire remains to this day, as finding such jeans is as much of a challenge as paying for designer jeans back in that day.

It was some years after my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans-wearing stint that one of those urban-legend rumors got out. Vanderbilt was said to have gotten up on talk-TV and stated that she didn't intend for black women such as myself to wear her jeans. I didn't believe that at the time; I figured her to be a smarter woman than that. Had she said it, I flippantly figured, it's not like the dang jeans fit long enough for me to have done her label much dishonor.

Not only was that legend bunk, but I could have continued wearing Gloria Vanderbilts. As a 2017 story at mentions, today's GVs are made suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and were a top seller in North America in 2016. And these days, one need not hand over a firstborn in order to afford a pair: A quick Internet hunt will show that the jeans are now available for prices that ranging from $19.99 to $40. The swan symbol of yore has gone by the wayside; Gloria's signature graces the inside of the jeans, as revealed on Google and Pinterest.

So in honor of the woman whose jeans will forever be a significant part of the history of denim and played a short but sweet part of my youth, I not only offer my condolences to Cooper and the rest of Vanderbilt's family ... I may just get myself a pair of those plus-size Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" jeans in commemoration. 041b061a72


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