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FIX OpenGL Error 65543 In Minecraft Tlauncher

When I open Minecraft 1.17, an error message with content: GLFW error 65543: WGL: OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_context_profile is unavailable. Please make sure you have up-to-date drivers (see for instructions) will appear instead of of launching.

FIX OpenGL Error 65543 in Minecraft | Tlauncher

Okay so I'm getting this "GLFW error 65543: WGL: OpenGL profile requested but WGL_ARB_create_context_profile is unavailable" message everytime I try to launch the 1.17 version and even If I already tried almost everything to solve it I wasn't able to do it Please help me.

The error may also be triggered by a missing opengl32.dll file. So you can try adding the OpenGL.DLL manually to the Java and JRE folder. Once you have made sure Minecraft can use OpenGL, you can test to see if the The driver Does Not Support OpenGL error is resolved.

This error occurred following the 1.17 update, when the game stopped working for those with integrated GPUs due to updated shaders that did not support integrated Graphics Cards. So, if you have an integrated GPU and the game frequently throws the error, your only option is to reinstall the previous version. Additional causes include corrupted OpenGL and Graphics Driver. This article is about Fix GLFW error 65543 in Minecraft.

To be clear, we have detailed the causes so that you can understand how to resolve these issues. Incompatibility of System Requirements- The majority of users experienced this error as a result of incompatible system requirements after the 1.17 update. Previously, the game was fully functional. You may need to upgrade your system by purchasing a new Graphics Card, or you may need to wait for the next patch to resolve this. Below we have mention the Fix GLFW error 65543 in Minecraft.

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