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Living In A Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into The Heart Of Consciousness Download 2

Dr. Eben Alexander 2:27 I think the best way to put it is I struggled a lot with my faith, you know, the long career and neurosurgery left me really confused about how conscious awareness could survive the death of the brain and body. I really just couldn't see how that could happen. And of course, as I explained in my book, Proof of Heaven, which is the first book I wrote about all of this, you know, I was sent into a dark night of the soul for eight years before my coma, that has to do with the fact that I'm adopted, that's a huge part of the backstory and is very relevant to major discussions of my indie and its aftermath and understanding. But turns out as I described, and proof of heaven, in February of 2000, when I was, you know, I had long ago, decades earlier, excepted my birth mother was not looking for me. So I quit writing letters to the children's home. But then it was a school project for my older son, Evan, the fourth, he was in sixth grade, in Dover, Massachusetts, and he had some family genealogy project. And he said, Dad, we just have to have more information from your birth family. So I wrote another letter to the children's home. And this is where I got the shocker. And I explained it all in the book in detail, but in a two minute phone call, I got a call from a social worker that shocked me, right to the core. She basically said, your birth parents got married. I never ever had remotely suspected that I'd always heard they kind of went their separate ways and thought I was just looking for my birth mother thought my birth father was totally out of the picture. But they got married. And not only that they'd had three children, but that the youngest sister had passed over two years earlier, that would have been in 1998. And according to the social worker, they were still grieving her loss. So it was not a good time for me to come back in their lives. Turns out that really has nothing to do with the actual communications. But given the kind of obscuration of all this with North Carolina laws, trying very hard to prevent reunions of adoptees with their birth parents. It was a real uphill battle and that perceived rejection from my birth mothers what sent me into that dark night of the soul. I stopped saying prayers. My kid, two boys at night I stopped taking them to church I basically became very agnostic, I would say, not totally atheistic, but just like, how can it be and that just sent me into darkness. So, turns out again, a huge part of the story explained in the book is that I did meet my birth family about a year before my coma. And that was absolutely crucial for the unfolding of all the events of the coma journey, and the understanding of the aftermath. But needless to say, my coma journey showed me very clearly how consciousness can survive the death of the brain and body. And not only that, it showed me a very rich realm of kind of interconnection, and, you know, one that fully in some ways kind of violated a lot of my religious preconceptions, even though I'd kind of abandoned them in the year 2000. With that rejection, you know, I'd never entertain thoughts and things like reincarnation, but my Indy he showed me very clearly that our souls come back again and again, that it would be foolish to think that all that soul work could be accomplished in one incarnation. And of course, then I had to do all the heavy duty homework into the scientific evidence for reincarnation, to start to realize the bigger picture. But what emerges from all of this is just a much grander vision of the nature of reality that is perfectly aligned with modern science, and a very refreshing kind of viewpoint to the world at large. But it also indicates we have a responsibility for our choices. And you know, we're bound together through this force of love that so many indie ears have discovered. And yet you don't necessarily see that the way we act in these bodies in this lifetime, these lifetimes. So that's where we all need to learn some deep lessons about this, that were the tip of the spear of those lessons being near death experiences and things like life reviews.

Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Heart of Consciousness download 2

Dr. Eben Alexander 6:47 The most important thing to point out is there's one anomaly in my case that's atypical for indies, and that is that I was amnesic. I had no memory whatsoever for Eben Alexander's life. I had no words, no language, none of those religious preconceptions of Eben Alexander, none of the scientific knowledge of Eben Alexander, everything was wiped clean, it was an empty slate. And it took me months to really understand why that would be. I mean, I came to realize, of course, indies are always tailored for the individual to help answer their deep and profound soul questions. And that's why I think mine took took the role that it did, but it involved that necessity of the amnesia. Now, very briefly, I'll tell you that the experience that I've described in great detail and many talks that are out there on the internet that also in the book, Proof of Heaven, and the follow up books map of heaven and living in a mindful universe. But the journey itself in this amnesic state began in the earthworms I view very primitive course unresponsive around that seemed to go on for ages. But I was rescued from that by a slowly spinning white light that came packaged with a perfect musical melody. And that ushered up like a wormhole into this brilliant Ultra real gateway Valley. Now the gateway Valley had many earth like features. I was a speck of awareness on a butterfly wing, there was this lush, incredible kind of meadow surrounded by forest down below us. Lush plant life, buds, blossoms, flowers, all of this very richly dynamic, alive, no sign of any death or decay. I remember 1000s of beings down in this meadow, lots of joy and merriment and dancing and festivities, all being fueled, because up above are these hooping orbs of angelic choirs that were emanating these chants, anthems hymns that we just thunder through my awareness. Another crucial feature of that stage of the journey was I wasn't alone, there was a beautiful young woman on the butterfly wing with me and those who've read proof of having realized that the very end of the book four months after awakening from coma, I actually discovered the identity of that beautiful woman, but at the time, I didn't know who she was, but her message to me and it was delivered telepathically in this rich kind of emotional identity of communication. You are deeply loved and cherished forever, you have nothing to fear you are cared for. I think that was kind of the ultimate message I was to bring back to this world, that and everything else about, you know, being able to have this when my brain was documented to have such destruction that I could that brain could not have made any kind of dream or hallucination. And that's all confirmed in a case report on my medical records that came out 10 years after my coma by three physicians not involved in my care, that case report. It's in the Journal of Nervous and Mental disease September 2018. But they make it very, very clear that my brain was was far too damaged from the all the data, neurologic data of my illness, to have come up with anything in terms of phenomenal experience, much less the most robust, meaningful, detailed, ultra real experience I've ever been through in my life. Now it turns out thought that was a stepping stone as we say, Gateway Valley, to higher and higher levels. And I remember seeing all of four dimensional spacetime collapsing down, then all of that spiritual realm, including a different cause causal ordering that I call deep time very important to understand. Earth time is only kind of a shared consensus, time flow. But ultimately, in the spiritual realm, there's a more kind of fundamental marker of progression of soul growth and evolution of consciousness that occurs in deep time. But in the next phase of my journey, all of that collapse down to and to another wormhole that was engendered by the music of the angelic choirs. I ascended into the core realm, the core was infinite inky blackness, but filled to overflowing with a divine healing love of that creator god source. I mean, that's what indie ears prophets and mystics have encountered. For 1000s of years across all belief systems in these journeys, of it shows there's more to the universe than just the physical world. And that's exactly what I bathed in. I mean, that beautiful ocean of love is something that any indie IR comes back and realizing there's nothing to fear about death, it's really kind of that returning to source and that beautiful oneness. And anyway, I cycled through these regions multiple times, I could use the memory of the music itself to conjure up these various portals between levels. But I was always told in the core will teach you many things, but you'll be going back, you're not here to stay. And there came a time when that was true. And I tried to remember the musical notes, the melody, to conjure up that light portal that took me from the earth or my view up into the gateway Valley, and it wouldn't happen. And that was towards the very end of the journey. That's when I saw 1000s of beings going off into the distance, heads bowed, some holding candles, his murmuring energy coming from them. And the surprise of that was, I was now back in this murkiest early realm, the earth for my view. And yet, I still felt the incredible sense of love and connection, and spiritual home of all those beings around me and my writings. When I wrote it up weeks later, I said, that was the power of prayer. That was that was what I was sensing from all those beings. And it was helping to guide me back to this world. There were six faces I saw at the very end. And they're important because they were vertical time anchors. There were a people, family and friends who were in the ICU in the last 24 hours of coma. And for all the elaborate reasons, I go into detail in the book to explain it. But they showed me that the vast majority of the coma journey which seemed to go on for months or years, I mean an extraordinary journey, even though it happened in seven Earth days in my time in coma. But that return, finally, coming back to this world was the sixth face that I saw as a 10 year old boy, and it turns out it was my son bond, I did not recognize him. My amnesia was still absolutely preponderant in this in this journey. But his pleading with me he'd been outside the room, where the doctors held the family meeting on day seven of coma where I had not been making any progress of 10. They estimate a 10% chance of survival early in week 2% At the end of the week, no chance of recovery. And that's why they recommended stopping the antibiotics bond overheard that conversation came running down the hallway realizing now is much worse than what he'd been told. And he pulled open my eyelids when I looking over there when down there neither pupil working. Anybody in medicine knows that's a horrible picture. I promise you I did not see him with my eyes hearing with my ears, but he's pleading with me, Daddy, you're going to be okay, Daddy, you're going to be okay. I didn't understand the words, but the emotional engagement and the pleading is what got through and that is what impelled me to come back to this world. Even though I had no idea what I was coming back to. When I did opening my eyes and that ICU room. My mother, my sisters, my son's at the bedside, I had no idea who these beings were, the amnesia was still absolutely active. But the amnesia resolved quickly words and language came back over hours and days childhood memory over days and weeks. All my semantic knowledge physics, cosmology, neuroscience over two months. And in the book Living in a mindful universe, we go into a lot of detail about the importance of that part of the discussion. In that many neurosurgeons are finally getting to a point of realizing, you know that long term memories do not seem to be stored in the brain at all. Out of the million plus craniotomy. We've done brain resections. Over the last century, there's never been a case of long term memories being removed with any part of the brain being removed. It's a very important point that we explain it in living in a mindful universe, especially in that appendix on memory in the brain. It's kind of the last nail in the coffin of materialist neuroscience, that memory is not stored there. But of course, we also realize now that the brain serves as a filter. It's not the producer of consciousness, but it allows primordial consciousness. And so that's where the whole discussion from a scientific perspective gets very, very interesting. But I've spent the 13 years since my coma, trying to make sense of this journey in a way that helps me explain it. And that has also involved an intense program of meditation an hour to a day, using sacred acoustics. binaural beat Brainwave Entrainment for their very deep meditation to help develop my relationship with much of what I first discovered within my MBE.


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