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Jean-Michel Jarre Welcome To The Other Side (Co...

In June 2013, Jarre was elected as president of the Confédération Internationale des Sociétés dAuteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC).[91] In Spring 2015, Jarre released the first music from a new studio album, released in October 2015, following around four years of work.[92] The album, Electronica 1: The Time Machine (working title: E-Project),[93] comprises a number of collaborations with other artists. The first of these to be released was the collaboration with Gesaffelstein entitled Conquistador, followed by Glory, with M83. The track was also featured as part of the soundtrack of a short film entitled EMIC.[94]

Jean-Michel Jarre Welcome To The Other Side (Co...


On 31 December 2020, Jarre held a virtual New Year's Eve concert online.[128] He performed from a studio in Paris, but it appeared virtually from a Notre Dame setting. The show has had over 75 million viewers as of 5 January 2021.[129] The show was done in support of his new album "Welcome to the other side," which features 12 tracks from his previously released music.[130] The recording of the concert was released on CD, LP and Blu-ray in September 2021.[131] VR Concert created by VRROOM received 2 Webby Award Honoree, Crystal Owl Award for the Best Live Entertainment, and Social Music Award. 041b061a72


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