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3d Anaglyph Filter Kmplayer Download For Pcl

Hello, if anyone is there can u help me please? I have downloaded the latest version of kmplayer But I am shocked to see that there is no 3d button at bottom left. Instead there are some other buttons like VR, URL download. Can anyone please help me to find out how to get back that 3d button. If also any alternative shortcut can be created it will be helpfull. Rather I want that I have to click that 3d button only during playback, else I have to right click and then click on 3d settings, its annoying.

3d Anaglyph Filter Kmplayer Download For Pcl

Going first on our list is the free-to-download software KM Player. Available on Windows and Mac, this program is accessible to all users because of its simplicity and easy download and installation process. With KM Player, you can play various file formats and support HD Videos. It is an excellent 3D player as it is capable of playing one. It enables users to create an anaglyph 3D effect on their videos and lets you watch 3D films without glasses.

It provides support for all the default formats as in other media players. Talking about its features it provides Support for EDL files, Configurable subtitles which can be fetched from the Internet, numerous Skins downloadable from the Internet, Youtube browser, Multiple speed playback, Audio, and Video filters and equalizers. 350c69d7ab


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