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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

Buy Vintage Vogue Magazines

Discover a huge choice of vintage magazines with thousands of best-selling weekly and monthly publications. If you're an avid fan or collector, we may have the item you've been searching for. From music to fashion and celebrity to crafts, we've something for everyone. All magazines are original paper issues and shipped to you from the United Kingdom.

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If there is any particular pattern you are after, please contact, as we are more than happy to help, and should you ever see original vintage patterns out there that you really like, but they are too expensive for you to buy, by all means draw this to our attention and we will consider purchasing it to add to our collection, thus enabling you to get a much cheaper copy of the pattern from us.

Over the next few months we will be adding to our NEW UPDATED Website, our ongoing, entire collection, of presently over 2300 vintage patterns and still counting. We have at least another 2000 patterns to add to this website. Please keep looking!

If you wish to be informed of all NEW listings of vintage sewing patterns please message me with your email address and I shall place you onto the contact list. This will ensure you are kept completely up-to-date of our NEW collections that are periodically added.

Vogue is arguably the worlds most famous and influential fashion and society magazine. New York Puzzle Company has partnered with Vogue Magazine to make puzzles of the vintage covers from this iconic fashion and lifestyle magazine. 041b061a72


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