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The Walking Dead Season 11 - Episode 9

After Negan and Maggie left Alden (Callan McAuliffe) in the church on season 11, episode three, showrunner Angela Kang explained on after-show "Talking Dead" that the belief was that some of the Reapers tracked Alden down to tie up loose ends.

The Walking Dead Season 11 - Episode 9

The second part of The Walking Dead's final season will launch with episode nine on 20th February 2022 on AMC in the US, and will launch in the UK on Star on Disney Plus the following day, 21st February 2022.

The Walking Dead season 11, episode 9 premieres on Disney Plus on 21st February, 2022. While you're waiting, check out our TV Guide to find something to watch, or visit our Sci-fi hub for all the latest news.

The Walking Dead shambled back onto AMC Sunday evening for the second part of its eleventh and final season (there will be a total of three, eight-episode blocks in the run-up to the series finale). Episode 9 (titled "No Other Way") effectively wrapped up the parallel storylines involving the Reapers and destructive rainstorm/raging windmill fire at Alexandria before jumping six months into the future during its final moments.

The first 10 episodes of the eleventh and final season are available to stream on AMC+. Subscribers to the service can watch new episodes a week before they air on television. A premiere date for the last batch of episodes has yet to be announced.

The Walking Dead season 11 consists of 24 episodes, split into three parts. The first eight episodes aired from August 2021 to October 2021. The second part aired from February 2022 to April 2022. The third part began on October 2 and airs weekly, with the final episode dropping on November 20, 2022.

Either way, the final season of The Walking Dead arrived initially in August of 2021, and as of April of 2022, is still not over. On an extended farewell tour, it was planned for the final season to include twenty four episodes broken into three parts consisting of eight episodes each. That in mind, some might argue part one of season eleven, initially premiering August 22, 2021 and ending October 10, 2021, was uneven, and at times, lackluster. Fortunately the news is not all bad, because part two, premiering February 20, 2022 and just wrapping up on April 10th, is perhaps some of the intriguing Walking Dead we have seen in some time.

Overall the storyline that part two of season eleven follows is compelling while flowing quite nicely. Too often in the last few seasons of The Walking Dead you could not help but feel frustrated with the non-linear timelines, bombardment of excessive character introductions, and sometimes dragging paces. In this pocket of eight episodes we finally have some cohesion and a good sense of direction. Which leads us to part three, the last act in the original The Walking Dead series.

AMC premiered the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 11 in August, and for the most part, new episodes of the show didn't disappoint. The showrunners officially confirmed that Season 11 would serve as the final season of the American post-apocalyptic series. So, it's understandable why the latest season is a bit fast-paced compared to the previous ones.

The show creators confirmed a while back that the final season of The Walking Dead would consist of 24 episodes. However, the entire season will be divided into three parts, each part having eight episodes. So, the first part of Season 11 has already ended for AMC+ subscribers on October 3rd with episode 8.

Now, we know that Season 11 Part 2 of The Walking Dead will conclude in the first half of 2022. So, it's safe to assume that the third part of the season will come out by the end of the year to bring us the last eight episodes. However, it's too soon to put a pin on a specific release window until we hear something official.

The Walking Dead may not have retained the high viewer numbers that ushered in the premiere season back in 2010, but it still has a loyal fan base who have stuck with the show through thick and thin, and they will all be there to see how the flagship show concludes. The Sunday night line-ups for the final two episodes are as follows:

Before ending this review, I think it was a nice touch to put a title card at the end, which dedicated the episode in the loving memory of Stephen Campbell, who was the cinematographer on the show for 7 seasons, who sadly passed away last year. RIP.

Carl Grimes is going to die. It was discovered that the character, who has been played on the series by Chandler Riggs since its first season, suffered a walker bite episodes before (re-watch that moment here) and will depart in the very next episode which will air in February. 041b061a72


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