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Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 04 WORK

Back in sector 001, Earth and the Starfleet vessels assisting in the evacuation start to face the incoming debris as a result of the gravitational effects caused by the anomaly. It's not a climatic season finale space battle in the traditional sense, but more like a space fight against rocks. There's still plenty of action and explosions, sparks flying about, shaking sets and camera shots, so it's almost the same. Tilly and Admiral Vance (Oded Fehr) bravely stay behind to coordinate as much of the effort as possible and form an unlikely, but entertaining relationship. Sadly though, the dialogue is clichéd and lets this story thread down.

Star Trek: Enterprise - Season 04

In Star Trek: Discovery's season 4 premiere, President Rillak surprised all in attendance during the inauguration of the new Starfleet Academy to unveil the Archer Space Dock. Star Trek: Discovery also played Star Trek: Enterprise's theme during the reveal. Named for Jonathan Archer, the Space Dock is a spectacular new facility where the next generation of Starfleet's ships will be built and the current starships will be upgraded with the latest 32nd-century technology. The opening of the Archer Space Dock is part of President Rillak's promise that Starfleet would once again embrace its core mission of scientific exploration, now that dilithium has been restored to the galaxy after Michael Burnham and the USS Discovery's crew unlocked the secret of The Burn.

The spacedock is named after Jonathan Archer, the captain of the first starship Enterprise, designated NX-01. Star Trek: Enterprise chronicled his adventures exploring the alpha and beta quadrants for United Earth, forming alliances that would lead to the Federation's founding. He would later become one of the Federation's first presidents. "Archer's Theme," a piece composed by Dennis McCarthy for Enterprise's soundtrack, plays during this scene in the Discovery season premiere to underscore that connection. 041b061a72


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