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Julian Harris
Julian Harris

Long Sleeve Winter Dress With Belt By Saliwa At...

This beautiful formal dress by Bronwynn is really something else! We love its black variation and how they have paired it with bright, fire-red. It has a deep V cut and is sleeveless, making it ideal for the summer days. Click here to download it from ModTheSims.

Long Sleeve Winter Dress with Belt by Saliwa at...

Make your sim feel like the queen of the party with this dress by Saliwa. A mini dress with long sleeves, it will really make your sims stand out. It comes in two variations, blue and red and the texture of the dress has a shiny feel to it. Get it for your sim here.

We love this really modern take on this dress by Saliwa. Half of the dress is black and long-sleeved while the other half features a different color and is sleeve-less. A truly unique dress that will make your sim stand out from the crowd! 041b061a72


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