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Tango Gestion 8.6 ~REPACK~ Full

Oren Raboy is responsible for product development and operations at Totango. He works relentlessly to build & grow the software platform that powers the Totango customer success vision and ensure it is delivering high-quality insights to all customers, at all times. Prior to Totango, Oren was chief architect and head of products at P-Cube (acquired by Cisco) and founder of Beyondo and Kidyos. In short, a perpetually struggling entrepreneur.

tango gestion 8.6 full

Totango is all about analyzing customer data and translating it into actions for improving Customer Success.With Totango, a Customer Success Manager can get instant feedback about which users require special attention, so they can better support them, increase adoption, and ultimately, grow the lifetime value of a customer, all while reducing churn. For example, when using Totango a success manager gets notified when a user first starts using an advanced functionality, or if the number of active users in an account has declined to an all-time low. Totango can even send emails to users when certain conditions are met to fully automate the success process.

When a new event (such as a user logging in, or a new business transaction) is collected and processed by Totango, its results are indexed in realtime into the Elasticsearch index, making it available for use by the Totango users.Additionally, each day Totango processes all collected information, applying statistical models and other data-science techniques. It then indexes a daily snapshot of insights within our historical archive, which also leverages Elasticsearch. Using this archive, we can present daily and weekly trends of metrics to see how things progress overtime.In aggregate, Totango maintains multiple Elasticsearch indices for every one of our clients, each aggregating many millions of documents representing the state of a user or account in a snapshot in time.All this happens transparently to our customers who receive a virtual, cloud-based solution. Elasticsearch, along with the rest of our infrastructure is abstracted and wrapped in the beautiful, action-oriented user-interface we developed at Totango. The user receives alerts of important events, analyzes customer usage through segmentation and reports and even setup rules to send an email-campaign when users perform certain actions. This all happens without having to consider the complexities of collecting, normalizing, processing, and storing complex multidimensional data.

While we make extensive use of Elasticsearch at Totango, we know there are still features and capability offered by Elastic that we have yet to fully utilize. Here are some of the items we look forward to include in one of our next projects:

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Cuando buscamos un programa de gestión y administración empresarial con el que registrar todos los movimientos que se producen en nuestro negocio, solemos interesarnos por aquellos programas que nos ofrecen una solución única con los que gestionar todos los segmentos de nuestra empresa. En ese sentido, Tango Gestión puede convertirse en tu gran aliado.

Uno de los aspectos más destacables de esta solución empresarial es que, Tango Gestión permite registrar y administrar todas las gestiones de nuestra empresa con una sola aplicación, por lo que tras descargar Tango Gestión gratis en tu PC, ya no necesitarás depende de varios programas de gestión empresarial para saber cómo funciona tu negocio. A pesar de ser una solución tan completa, comprobarás que Tango Gestión es un programa muy fácil de manejar, gracias a que se ha diseñado con una interfaz gráfica sencilla e intuitiva, que te da acceso a cada una de sus herramientas a tan solo un clic de ratón. 350c69d7ab


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