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if youve ever watched your favorite tv show, you know that the production team makes their way through the entire production process as if they were playing a video game. at every step of the production process, theyll make and tweak characters, props, set dressing, and so on until the final product is ready for filming.and just as youd expect, when it comes to software development, development for video games goes much the same way. the whole idea of shipping a game to your customers is a lot like a final test before the game is releasedwhen the game is ready to ship, its time to push it to a testing track and make sure all is well. if all goes smoothly, the game is sent to review, where it might get a final flaw check from the developers. and even if everything goes perfectly, theres no guarantee that youll be able to ship the game to your customers as soon as possibleafter all, many games are delayed for months before they see the light of day.but if youre planning on releasing your game before the end of the year, its important to know that youve just taken the first step of four before you can effectively ship it. and more than that, you need to know that you can launch a game quickly, even if youre still in the midst of development. in this article, well examine what it takes to achieve this near-perfect balance between timing and quality.

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"i started reading it, then another one, then another one." i just went through all the pages on chitchat, and i realized i get more out of it than i've ever gotten out of an online community. the exchanges on chitchat last longer, they feel more like conversations because they're not time-stamped and there is no pressure to reply the very next thing. i honestly think chat is one of the few places where you can just talk about anything. don't know what i'll talk about tomorrow, but at least i'll have something to think about. i'm not going to flood her with comments like in the vid where it's all about her and i just want to get as many likes as i can. you can only love someone you talk to, right?


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